Why You Should Hire Ipswich MA Real Estate Agents

As a first time home buyer or home owner, you have the advantage of finding an agent to provide support and protect your best interests. Simply communicating with an agent does not ensure that person is your buyer or seller agent. There is generally an agreement outlining the agency, duties of the the agent, and your responsibilities. Below are some facts on why you should hire Ipswich MA real estate agents. All references to “agent” refer to buyer or seller representatives.

Real Estate Agents Responsibilities

Federal real estate law mandates that agents provide specific duties to their clients after they formalize an agency relationship.


Agents are responsible for maintaining confidentiality. They may not disclose anything about your business, financial or personal affairs, or motivations unless instructed by their clients or mandated by a court of law to do so. This responsibility remains active forever beyond any closings or contracts.


Agents have a minimal amount of knowledge of real estate related matters and on the home buying and selling process, but they are not experts in all real estate related fields (such as legal issues). For information outside of the knowledge of an agent, they must forward clients to the proper experts.

Lawful Obedience

Agents must respect their clients instructions, as long as the requests are lawful. For example, sometimes clients may ask their real estate agents to write an offer that the agent does not agree with. Agents must abide by those requests despite the disagreement.


Agents must accurately monitor the whereabouts of all funds related to a home sale or purchase. This includes any deposits given and the release of said deposits.


Real Estate Agents must keep the best interests of their clients ahead of any other individuals, including themselves. Commission, particularly in competing offer situations, should not be a consideration and would be disloyal to clients. Confidentiality is also a factor of loyalty.


Agents must perform tasks and honor requests in a timely manner. This can be vital in multiple offer scenarios, so having an agent on your side will best protect your interests.


All real estate agents must disclose important facts about a property,…often referred to as material facts. The duty to disclose also covers any facts or information that may determine decisions about a home or benefit their negotiating position.

Why You Should Hire Ipswich MA Real Estate Agents

Hiring an agent has many benefits. In addition to the items above, agents have an even more influential position of controlling interactions between parties. The real estate process can be very stressful and emotional. Having the advice of a person who has your best interests but is not emotionally involved can facilitate the process and lead to better outcomes. This summarizes why you should hire Ipswich MA real estate agents. Contact John Wells at 978-518-1481 or teamjohn@johnpwells.com for more information.

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