Advantages And Disadvantages Of Assisted Showings For Ipswich MA Property Listings

Assisted showings is a term for showings attended by seller agents. Buyers and sellers, and listing and buyer agents, always have different opinions about whether they are necessary or beneficial. Below is an overview of those points of view and the advantages and disadvantages of assisted showings for Ipswich MA property listings.

Buyer and Seller Views on Assisted Showings

Seller Opinions

Home owners typically dislike allowing strangers look through their residence but they know it is necessary to sell their home. Sellers therefore feel more comfortable having someone they trust present at showings. Although not common, there are scenarios where articles are stolen from a home or a home is not secured properly after a showing. Sellers also see the benefit of having their agent pass along details on the easily missed features of their property.

Buyer Perspectives

Some purchasers welcome the chance to ask questions of someone familiar with a property. On the other hand, some will not especially like assisted showings for a few reasons. First, it can make them feel uneasy and inattentive. During a showing, purchasers like to take their time at homes they find attractive and spend less time at those they do not. When someone else is in attendance, they feel the need to look through the whole house even if it is immediately obvious that they have no interest. For homes they do like, they frequently feel rushed so as not to take a lot of time from the listing agent or imply that they really like the property (as it could affect their bargaining power later on). Sometimes a listing agent engages in too much conversation with a buyer throughout a viewing, which is also a distraction. Lastly, buyers are not able to talk openly with each other and with their realtor when a seller agent is in the room.

Real Estate Agent Points of View on Assisted Showings

Listing Agent Thoughts

Seller agents generally find assisted showings very useful in selling a property. Even though a wealth of information may be provided in listing documents, purchasers or their agents might misinterpret or overlook important pieces of information. Being present grants seller agents an opportunity to address those items and any concerns or misunderstandings. By merely being at the property, they also also help ensure that people respect the space and its possessions. Nevertheless, planning a time may be even more cumbersome. Opportunities may be lost when schedules conflict.

Purchaser Agent Perspectives

Buyer agents often prefer unassisted showings because they are easier to plan and facilitate open discussion with their customers. It is hard enough arranging the schedules of the showing agent, prospective buyer, and seller. When you compound that with the listing agent, it can become extremely difficult. This is particularly true when scheduling numerous properties for the same day.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Assisted Showings For Ipswich MA Property Listings

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of assisted showings for Ipswich MA property listings and they can vary based on the different points of view. Ultimately, the choice belongs to the seller. Sellers should specifically think about the effect that it may have on the number of buyers that can view their listing and on the feelings that those individuals will have while touring it. The location, type of property, belongings, and many additional details should also be a factor. Sellers should talk about this with their agent to make an arrangement that best safeguards and benefits them in the listing and sale of their property.

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